One IoT Platform
Designed to Power Industry 4.0

Secure & Robust

Secure & Robust

Connect to our highly secure WebIOT platform via various protocols and build, collect, analyze and control.

Save Money & Time

Save Money & Time

Reduce development cost and time by 20 folds. Save revenue using inbuilt automation tools for prediction and rule engine.

Go Digital

Go Digital

Add life to your assets and data by connecting to our LIVE system using our connectors and Rest Apis

Dashboard & AR

Dashboard & AR

Visualize your device data on Customisable dashboard or even through our advanced Augmented Reality enabled mobile app.

Powerful Dashboard,
Now is in your hand!

The powerful and customizable dashboard makes it super easy to visualize real time data and take decisions.

Asset Management,
All in one place!

Easily manage and monitor your assets from any part of the world. You can even send over the air control commands to the connected devices.

Realtime Tracking,
And vehicle health monitoring

Using websoft IOT connectors, easily connect any device and track and monitor from anywhere. In case of emergency, you can set it to automatically notify the nearest police station and hospital.

Analytics & Machine Learning,
Make meaningful insight of your data!

With intelligent sensor data collection framework, Websoft IOT platform helps you to monitor and make insightful analysis and predictions.

Augmented Reality,
Visualize your assets anywhere, anytime!

Our advanced mobile app helps in asset management, that too using Augmented Reality. We help you stay ahead of competition.

Rule Engine ,
Business process automation.

Automate your business process by creating any rule you want. Websoft IOT comes inbuilt with various actions like Email, SMS, API Invocation, Database trigger, MQTT messaging and much more.

Virtual shared digital space.

Websoft Tech employs its Metaverse-integrated IoT Platform for seamless global collaboration, innovative immersive marketing, and dynamic digital presence expansion, enhancing customer interactions, brand visibility, and market reach.

Augmented Reality,
Enhanced real-world experiences.

Websoft Tech integrates Augmented Reality into its IoT Platform, delivering immersive customer experiences, streamlining efficient employee training, and boosting sales through interactive product visualization and personalized previews.

Voice Recording ,
Automated audio command processing.

Websoft Tech enhances its IoT Platform with Voice Recognition, streamlining operations, providing a natural interface for elevated user experience, and boosting productivity through automated commands.

Computer Vision,
Visual data interpretation technology.

Websoft Tech utilizes Computer Vision in its IoT Platform, automating visual data analysis for real-time insights, enhancing operational efficiency, and strengthening security through advanced surveillance.

New Approach to
IoT Solution Development

Websoft IoT Platform is the “Backbone” which can be integrated with any product or solution you are building. You can focus on application and hardware development, while the platform does the technological hardlifting, transforms real-time data into meaningful insights and combines various devices and services to build a complete IoT solution.

Connect Everything

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Some of our
Case Studies

Based on our research and experience working with various sectors, below are some of the case studies you may refer to.

Smart Factory

Factories are striving to comply with Industry 4.0 principles. Concept of Smart Factory is very popular and companies are paying huge amount of money buying modern machines, discarding old machines. Websoft IOT solution is compatible to work with legacy machines with minimum implementations. Any down time impacts reputation and revenue directly. Let us see how Websoft IOT can help save money and time.

Hospital Management

Every hospital strives to implement best approaches for better management for patients and machineries. It is also good to know if any machine is under utilized or over worked. The intelligent rule engine, analytics program and powerful dashboard helps in managing the problems at ease. Let us see how Websoft IOT can help in this scenario.

Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of vehicles is always a challenging job. Not only tracking, but also tracking the overall health of the vehicle and drivers are of utmost importance. Let us see how Websoft IOT helped one of our customers.

Agricultural Management

Farmers always strive for better cultivation every year. This means taking proper precaution to provide adequate nutrision to soil and in turn plants. Rule is not be do anything less or more. Everything must be exact. Websoft IOT using its intelligent data collectors and rules and AI, can help you figure out the same. Hence saving a lot of money and success.

Customer Engagement

Decrease customer churn with early risk detection and personalized customer engagement. Connect live data, auto-detect key issues, and predict customer behavior. Automate trigger-based personalized messaging to operationalize exceptional customer experience.

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